Why Maverick?

We’ve been delivering accounting services to the South African market for 13 years. Our recent rebrand was completed to showcase who we actually are and what we stand for: and that’s the maverick.

It means that the traditional accounting persona bores us – and we trust it bores you, too. We love new technology, brilliant ideas, and anything disruptive.

We’re professional in our maverick-ness, and we’ll help keep you and your financials right. But we’ll be human beings (and interesting ones, at that) as we do it.

The real question is, are you a maverick?


Are you a Maverick?

We work with a certain type of personality.  The type of business owners who work best with Maverick are keen to be involved in their own financial process, have high expectations, are tech-savvy and open to innovation.

Let’s find out if that’s you.

Use the latest tech to truly understand your accounts


Being educated about your own accounts is far more powerful than the latest accounting software. We’ll still use the latest tech for your accounts: but you’ll actually learn what a balance sheet is, how to access it, and what the relationship is between your balance sheet and cash flow and profits.






Maverick customers. Happy customers.

thumb_01_60_60Barbara Murray

Oxi Logistics

“Our previous accounting program was a headache. I could never find what I was looking for and the terminology was only for accountants, not your everyday user. I was frustrated and everything I did took me forever. Now I feel confident in the data I present at our management meetings. I can focus on the big picture!”

15 Jan 2017


thumb_02_60_60Shannon Weber

The District

“Before we started working with Maverick we had worked with two different accounting firms, both of which gave us incorrect information and caused a huge backlog in our business. Once Maverick took over, the process has been seamless! We have had super training from the team and they are part of our family.”

12 Dec 2016

thumb_03_60_60Billy Einkamerer

Assemble CC

“Thank you for turning what was the worst thing in the business to one of my favorite things. You have a superior team and I’m constantly impressed by the blend of super professional service with a real warm and friendly communication. It feels like I’m dealing with real people and we can interact and be real.”

1 Nov 2016

From the Maverick files.

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The Maverick story part 2: Can accountants be graphic designers?

Being involved in our rebranding process was an eye-opener for us at Maverick. We had direct input into things like colours, and fonts, and imagery. There were multiple discussions around exactly what colour of red defined the “Maverick red”. Was it a deep...
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What to do when accounting scares you (don’t panic)

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