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with Maverick Chartered Accountants

Transform your business with our unique, unconventional approach to accounting and advisory services.


Enhancing Your Business Growth

At Maverick Chartered Accountants, we’ve spent two decades helping businesses realise their full potential. Our expertise lies in strategic financial planning, leveraging technology for automation, and ensuring businesses are future-proofed against risks. We’re not just about numbers; we’re about forging lasting relationships and understanding the people behind the businesses.


Beyond The Numbers

We believe in the power of unconventional thinking. In a world dominated by traditional approaches, we offer fresh perspectives that lead to tangible results. Our methods ensure businesses are prepared for the future, make informed decisions, and see improved profitability.

Our Services

Tailored Solutions for Business Success

Maverick Chartered Accountants offers a diverse range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of each business. From strategic planning to technology automation, we’re here to guide your business to success.

Strategic Financial Planning

Craft a roadmap for your business's financial future, ensuring sustainability and growth.

Compliance & Risk Management

Navigate the complexities of business compliance while mitigating potential risks.

Technology Automation

Harness the power of technology to streamline processes and enhance productivity.

Wealth Management

Holistic strategies to manage and grow your business wealth effectively.


Embrace Maverick's Unconventional Approach

With Maverick, it’s all about adopting a fresh perspective and breaking free from traditional confines. We champion the unconventional, believing it’s the surest path to both business and personal financial growth. Our focus? People, not just numbers.

The Starting Line



How We Help Businesses Succeed

Discover the difference Maverick has made for businesses just like yours. Our clients appreciate our innovative mindset, industry knowledge, and commitment to their success.

Their expertise, advice and knowledge base are only surpassed by their integrity, ethics, and willingness to partner with us to enhance and grow our business
We have been a client of Maverick for more than 5 years and their team is truly a valued extension to our business! I don’t even have to think about the function of bookkeeping and company secretarial ─ it just happens! So they help me focus on what’s important ─ which is growing my business!
~ Simone
Solid8 Technologies
Maverick has been with us from the beginning of our small business journey. Their modern application of technology and ability to scale has filled the gaps when and where we needed it most.
~ Charl Ryan
From around-the-clock assistance to dedicated professionals that pride themselves in ensuring the best client experience, Maverick delivers on these promises. With a team of determined individuals, Maverick provides outstanding service at the highest quality
~ Aurik Group
Maverick Accountants have changed our business and we have never looked back! We were blown away by their expertise and in-depth attention to our company’s needs. Nine years down the line their service is still outstanding, and they are always on top of their game!
~ Highveld
Oxi Group