Shareholders rights

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Budget Speech 2017

Shane shares his major take-outs of Budget Speech 2017 for SMME business owners. He addresses the topic of the increase in the dividend withholding tax rate, and what can be done to soften the blow. [arve url=”″ align=”center” maxwidth=”800″/]

What to do when accounting scares you (don’t panic)

Does accounting scare you? The finances for your business can feel like a complex, confusing burden. We’ve actually had clients tell us, “Accounting scares me. I don’t understand how cash flow forecasts work, or the ins and outs of a balance sheet. When I look at my accounting reports, the terminology is created for professional accountants, not […]

The Maverick story part 2: Can accountants be graphic designers?

Being involved in our rebranding process was an eye-opener for us at Maverick. We had direct input into things like colours, and fonts, and imagery. There were multiple discussions around exactly what colour of red defined the “Maverick red”. Was it a deep blood-red? Was it a Corvette-red, like the car Shane always wanted to have? […]

The Maverick story part 1: Accounting for the bold

Confession: our firm’s name used to be BPAG Chartered Accountants. This fairly traditional name was originally created to reflect the fact that we are professionals, and trusted advisors in the accounting market. It worked at the time, but it’s not a fit anymore, and we wanted to explain the change. First, the accounting market has gone through […]

702 Business Accelerator

For many entrepreneurs, the early stages of start-up saw us using our personal finance and credit facilities in our names to get the business off the ground. Very few entrepreneurs allow for a transition across from personal to business to happen cleanly and neatly. Many live, in part, in their businesses. Yet, you cannot have […]

XPAC takes off in South Africa

A leading group of cloud accountants gathered to serve on South Africa’s First ever Xero Partner Advisory Council (XPAC) for South Africa last week. The XPAC represents a group of accountants integrating and connecting with one another to share ideas and thoughts on how to help small businesses thrive. In doing so the value and […]

7 Reasons to outsource your accounting

If you’re a small business owner, you’ll understand the pressures of growing a business. In these tough economic times, keeping your head above water, let alone flourishing, is becoming increasingly more difficult, and it takes some creative thinking and innovative developments to increase your bottom line. One solution many SME’s are turning to is to move […]