When your focus is growth you need more than just an accountant. Use the same approach that big businesses do by working with an outsourced Maverick Finance Director. Our FD’s are highly experienced and will help you interpret the numbers and make decisions to maximise profit and manage cash flow.


All your compliance work ticks over seamlessly when a Maverick Financial Controller is assigned to your accounts. We’ll be in touch regularly to make sure everything is prepared for your year end accounts, payroll, VAT returns and tax returns so you get no surprises and everything is completed on time or ahead of time.


Get the nitty-gritty of bookkeeping and financial admin taken care of by your Maverick Bookkeeper so that your time is being used in the best way possible. On a weekly or monthly basis we’ll reconcile the bank accounts, make payments, manage accounts receivable, and anything else you need.


With Xero, all your accounting records are held safely and securely in the cloud. No more messy paperwork, missing receipts, duplication of effort or last-minute admin. Your business accounts run like a well oiled machine, and you and your Maverick accountant have access to the same numbers.


What you really want is peace of mind. Imagine knowing that your bookkeeping is taken care of for you, everything is reconciled, accounts are filed, and you know what tax you have to pay ahead of time. In addition to all of that, you’re also more profitable and cash-rich than ever before. What’s that worth to you?

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Our Process

This isn’t necessarily a linear process: you may (being Maverick-like) want to start in the middle or at the end. But it will change your life.

Discovery call

You arrange a discovery call with us and we have a 15 minute chat over the phone.


We meet in person (or online).


You identify what your greatest needs are, and we send you a proposal.


You review the proposal, and we meet again.


We start work, if you’re ready.

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