The business that needs a Maverick accountant tends to be technically IT savvy – and this extends to your numbers.

You get excited about creative spaces and you’re a sucker for the latest tech. You’re keen to know what’s going on with your numbers as well as your customers and people.

Xero helps you do this. It brings together the beauty of creative tech with the simplicity of a financial system that is easy to understand.

Of course, anywhere there is a lack of understanding, your Maverick accountant is there to save the day.



First, we’ll move your accounts from the old-school, non-Maverick system you have now onto Xero.

Set Up

Then, we set everything up – account codes, categories, settings – so it’s correct from the start.


Next, it’s time for apps and integrations that will make your accounting system work in an even more Maverick way for you.


Now, it’s time for warp speeds. This is the beginning of a powerful relationship between you and your numbers.

Ready to use the best in accounting tech?

Use the latest tech to truly understand your accounts


Being educated about your own accounts is far more powerful than the latest accounting software. We’ll still use the latest tech for your accounts: but you’ll actually learn what a balance sheet is, how to access it, and what the relationship is between your balance sheet and cash flow and profits.