The Maverick story part 1: Accounting for the bold

Confession: our firm’s name used to be BPAG Chartered Accountants.

This fairly traditional name was originally created to reflect the fact that we are professionals, and trusted advisors in the accounting market. It worked at the time, but it’s not a fit anymore, and we wanted to explain the change.

First, the accounting market has gone through a massive change on a global scale. The advent of cloud accounting software, combined with the app integration capability, has provided a tool not just for professional accountants, but for the clients we serve. No longer do you have to wait for your accountant to provide you with profit and loss reports: you can look them up yourself, instantly. Paperwork and admin become a thing of the past when receipts and expenses are uploaded instantly from your phone or device, and automatically reconciled with your accounts system.

The second change that is affecting the accounting industry is the fullness of the transition of accountants from ‘number crunchers’ to business advisors. Trusted experts who help their clients to run more profitable businesses, with better cash flow, and provide support on a continual basis as the business grows and expands. Some accountants have made this transition; others have not, and are focusing primarily on delivering reports and ticking the boxes.

In 2016 we recognised that the shift we have made in our firm needed to be better reflected in everything we present to the world. We held branding discussions and reviewed who we are and who we want to be, and one of the phrases that kept coming out was that “we want to be the mavericks of the accounting profession”.

It’s a bold move, because accountants have long been seen as conservative. Steady. Reliable. Quiet. The introverted person sitting in a corner with a calculator.

We’re still reliable, and we’re still the professional, trusted accountants you’ve known for years: but we are bold business owners, too. And we’re excited to work with bold business owners who get this change, and love it. Those who are driven, and focused, and keen to see change in their industry.

Maverick is our new name, and our new brand. It means accounting for the bold: and that defines both us, and you!

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