The Maverick story part 2: Can accountants be graphic designers?

Being involved in our rebranding process was an eye-opener for us at Maverick. We had direct input into things like colours, and fonts, and imagery. There were multiple discussions around exactly what colour of red defined the “Maverick red”. Was it a deep blood-red? Was it a Corvette-red, like the car Shane always wanted to have? Did it reflect who we are and what ‘maverick’ really means?

Ultimately, it came down to 1) listening to the experts, and 2) making a decision. There’s no point hiring a graphic designer if you’re going to take to Photoshop and do it all yourself.

The same applies to you in relation to your finances and accounting. The clients who work best with us at Maverick are those who are keen to be mutually involved in their finances, but who will also listen carefully and make a decision based on all the facts.

Our goal at Maverick is to ensure that you get the financial facts you need, on a timely basis, so you can make the best decisions possible.

Just as we as accountants weren’t expected to be graphic designers in our rebrand process, you aren’t expected to be (or become) an accountant. You do, however, get to be involved in the accounting process so that the end result is a success for you.


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